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He's Going The Distance (For An Awful Pun)

Thomas Overbeck

Just a little homage to Stephan Pastis and his excellent Pearls Before Swine comic. I love it when he does one of his Sunday pun gags... and in fact, he happened to put out one of them just recently.

(Additional apologies to all fans of Cake and Portal.)

Thu, Apr 15, 2010

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Another URL


I don't get it.

Thu, Apr 15, 2010


Just Found the comic, read from beginning to end. I like the story! makes me wonder how evil of a person I would be if I had a time machine.


Thu, Apr 15, 2010


I would well use the time machine to my advantage. Lottery,write the top books,films and tv series before they come out.

Thu, Apr 15, 2010


Dunno: Google "The Cake Is A Lie".

Thu, Apr 15, 2010

Michael Moreno

groan... lol

Thu, Aug 26, 2010


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