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Behind The Necklace - Part 3

Thomas Overbeck

Cassie's first day on the job. (And yes, that's Cassie in the background as well. See the "About Last Night... 18 Years Ago..." storyline.)

TLT Trivia: Had I not gone with the "quick open", this WOULD have been the very first TLT strip.

Mon, Mar 05, 2012

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took me a while to find her even after reading she was in the strip

Mon, Mar 05, 2012


Do flashbacks not warrant the yellow time outline then? FOR SHAME.

Tue, Mar 06, 2012

Thomas O.

Snowy: Nope, the "timeframe" only comes into play when Cassie's actually using the time machine.

Wed, Mar 07, 2012


Didn't even notice Cass in the background. Good job, Thomas.

Line of the year, though: "Oh, and your own personal super-collider downstairs."

Wed, Mar 07, 2012


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