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The Butt-Head Effect

Thomas Overbeck

In case you were curious, the actual title of the essay was: "Does the flap of a butterfly's wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?" (And while Edward Lorenz wrote the essay, Philip Merilees came up with the title.)

Mon, Sep 24, 2012

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Craig L

As a long time computer user who bought a Commodore 64 instead of an Apple II... I WISH.

(and nice subtle punchline - sorry if I spoiled it for anybody)

Mon, Sep 24, 2012


You know, it took me a LONG time to realize what change happened. So what do they call it, an "iPad64"?

Mon, Sep 24, 2012


Hmm, what did the Apple logo change to? A smiley face? Like this (=

Mon, Sep 24, 2012


Kelly, it's the logo of Commodore International ( ).

Mon, Sep 24, 2012


You no-good commie rat :) - I have not been able to say that since around 1993 when the last BBS I logged into went offline. I don't know why it was, but all my favorite BBSes were run on Commies :)

Mon, Sep 24, 2012

Thomas Overbeck

Houk: I'd call it the "C-Pad".

Kelly: Here's a hint - Lionel Richie used to be one. :P

RAG: Heh, never heard of that term. (Myself, I owned a C64 back in the 80s... but we couldn't afford the disk drive, so I didn't do much with it after they stopped making stuff on tape or cartridge.)

Mon, Sep 24, 2012


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