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With Chicks, And Guns, And Fire Trucks...

Thomas Overbeck

Another twofer, focusing on the bachelor(ette) parties for the two spouses-to-be.

From left to right, Philip's crew is Connor Leyman, Clark Johnson and Reggie Christopher. (Matt will join them later.)

And you may remember the Rule Of Three gang. Katerli is in the first panel, and Hazel, Michelle and Ivy are in panels 3-4.

Mon, Jul 01, 2013

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Has anyone done the math and figured out how many people know about time travel now? Not counting the US Gov. of course.

Mon, Jul 01, 2013


I think Cassie talked about it at the beginning of "Chapter 0". It's no more than two dozen at the most.

Mon, Jul 01, 2013


And see what transpired before the Rule of Three girls made it to Cassie's house in today's Rule of Three: http://www.drunkduck.com/Rule_of_Three/5435946/

Mon, Jul 01, 2013


I think I may have gotten around that issue with Scribd. Link to this post goes to Part 1 of the Strip-by-Strip archive, which goes through strip 460.

Mon, Jul 01, 2013


And the link above takes you to part 2; that goes from 461 (the "self-massage" strip) to last week.

Mon, Jul 01, 2013


And, after a cursory look back at the archives:

The people who know about Cassie's time machine:
Matt, Bethany, The Rule of 3 cast, Kat from Tiki Coladas, Maggie, Agent Keith Scott & wife Carmen Scott, the CIA Director of "special operations", the other CIA "Operatives" (esp. those involved in the "fixing" of Nicki), Kaylie (the Dinosaur lady), Joan Arquette (fka Joan d'Arc), Philip, and Hope Avelina (though I'm not 100% sure about that).

Mon, Jul 01, 2013


Crossover! WOOT! Have fun at the bachelor(ette) parties, you wild and craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy kids.

Mon, Jul 01, 2013


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