One-Stop Multi-Year Shopping - Part 2

Part 2

Halfway through laying this out I remembered that this strip would be published on Garfield's 30th birthday... so I decided to put in a mention of that in some way. Garfield was my favorite strip throughout my junior high years (before I got into Bloom County), and I can honestly say that strip influenced how I've drawn my cartoon characters (especially the eyeballs).

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Valley View Mall – outside the now-defunct Macy's] (CW) "Okay, Matt's gonna be at the arcade in March 8, 1983. We're gonna hit '76, '80, '84 and '88 for some clothes and stuff. When we're done, we'll pick up Matt in '83, and return to our car, where we parked it, on June 19, 2008." (BG) "Got it!" (MG) "Roger!" (CW) "Matt, you want anything while we're in the past? Something you've always wanted as a kid, maybe?" (MG) "Oooh... I've always wanted the game 'Superfection'... I think it came out around '75 or so. And since you mentioned June 19, could you also find me a Garfield At Large book, a vintage first printing from 1980?" (CW) "Oh yeah, it is Garfield's birthday isn't it... Sure! Okay, off you go... Have fun!" (MG) "Woohoo! Zaxxon, here I come!" (BG) "Well, we're sure giving a whole new meaning to the term 'meeting time'..." (CW) "Nah, we're really just broadening the scope of it!"

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