The Freaks Come Out At Night - Part 2

Part 2

Continuing the cavalcade of guest appearances: Nelson and Kat from Tiki Coladas (dressed as Morris Day and Sheila E) and Rodney as Cutter from Starslip Crisis.

I'd mention as well, but Ms. Ringley was done with that little project a long time ago.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Nelson and Kat from Tiki Coladas – dressed up as Morris Day and Sheila E] (CW) "Nelson! Kat! Thanks so much for stopping by! Y'all look great!" (Nelson) "Our pleasure, Cass! I wish we could stay longer, but we've got our own bash to manage Tiki's, of course..." (Kat) "We wouldn't miss this for the world, sweetie!" (Wanda, as the "other" Daft Dancer) "So... you ready to do this, Beth?" (BG) "Sure! My 'Better' is a bit sore, but I'll get through it!" [Doorbell again] (CW) "Hi, Rodney! Where's Maggie, she couldn't make it?" (Rodney, dressed as Cutter Edgewise from Starslip Crisis) "Nope, she's home sick with the flu, but she didn't want to miss the party... (pulls out his MacBook to reveal – JenniCam!) ...So this is her Halloween costume!" (MH, over the speakers) "Hold me up higher, Rodney, jeez! Heyy, Cassie! Are you Nemi? That's so cute!" (MG) "A MacBook... Good choice!"

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