I, Ro-Hot - Part 1

Part 1

A brand new character kicks off a brand new storyline.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (MG enters) "Well, I'm here... What's the big announcement?" (BG, shrugging) "Cassie hasn't told me yet. In fact, she hasn't gotten back yet from whenever she... (enter CW via time portal) Oh never mind, here she is." (CW) "Hey you two! I'm so excited about this... (flik flick of the machine) It took a LOT of saving up, especially with how prices get 20 years from now, but I feel this investment is worth every penny! Meet... (time portal, and through it emerges...) ...our new robot roommate!" (introducing itself) "Hello! I am Robotron Model MIRA-7, ready for configuration!" [BG is standing with her mouth agape] (MG) "Suddenly, I feel like I'm in a cross between 'Three's Company' and 'Small Wonder'..." (CW) "What a coincidence! I designed her to look like a hot grown-up Vicki!" (MIRA) "I'm... Fantastic!"

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