Doing Our Part To Recycle For Earth Day

Doing Our Part To Recycle For Earth Day

I apologize to our esteemed crossover-chronicler L.P. Hogan for doing this again, but I decided this was a good way to honor Earth Day today (and to point out some more cool webcomics).

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [TerCon front desk] (BG) "HAHAHAHAAA!" (CW) "What's up with you?" (BG) "I'm just reading the latest 'Something Positive' before we open... Aubrey is such an ass!" (CW) "Oh, I need to show you 'Hark! A Vagrant'... the historical gags are so up my alley!" (BG) "Hold on... Let me finish with 'Legend of Bill'..." (RO) "Y'all talking about webcomics? I love 'Looking For Group' then again I am a video game freak..." (CW, as she closes one eye) "You probably wouldn't like 'Penny & Aggie', Mister Longhorn freak..." (RO) "Har dee har har, bitch. Beth, you ever read 'Wondermark'?" (BG) "On occasion. I'm more into stuff like 'Three Panel Soul' and 'Femmegasm'..." (CW) "I'm more a fan of offbeat humor, like 'Yu+Me=Dream' or 'Dinosaur Comics' or 'Cyanide & Happiness'." (BG) "I wonder if the new 'Alone In A Crowd' is up yet!" (RO, wandering off-screen) "I'm hearing the fax machine..." (BG) "You into those graphic-novel-ish webcomics like 'The Devon Legacy', 'Girl Genius' or 'Templar, Arizona'?" (CW) "Not really... but I do get a kick out of 'Overcompensating'... I wish I had a half-baked kittycat like Joanna!" (BG) "Oh cool... 'Goats' just got updated!" (CW, to Rodney) "Is that fax for one of us?" (RO) "Yeah. Who's L.P. Hogan and why is he telling us to SHUT THE FUCK UP?"

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