123 Sesame Street, Forks, Washington

123 Sesame Street, Forks, Washington

One day I was wondering what the Count from Sesame Street would look like if he was made in the style of a certain currently popular vampire. And this is the result.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (MG) "You watching 'Sesame Street'?" (CW, with Mascus laying on her lap) "Yeah, I heard about how they have Cookie Monster now eating less cookies and more healthy stuff, and I just wanted to see what else has change... (shocked) Oh... My... LORD..." (MG) "What's up?" (CW, looking at the screen) "It looks like now they've given the COUNT a COMPLETE MAKEOVER!" [The Count now looks like a certain member of the Cullen clan...] (Count, who now looks like Edward from "Twilight") "THREE! THREEE WOLVES! HAH-AH-AHH!"

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