And Don't Even Get Him Started On Mr. Do!

And Don't Even Get Him Started On Mr. Do!

Q*Bert, Mr. Do, Centipede, Make Trax, Bubbles, Pooyan, Crystal Castles and so on... if you were describing these games to someone in the 1960's, they'd swear you were high on something.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1968; Matt is at an acid trip with two other guys] (MG) "Dude... I'm seeing like... A pyramid of blocks floating in space... and there's an Orange Ball of Fuzz hopping around on them... with huge eyes and a nose like an anteater!" (Dude with a Grateful Dead t-shirt on) "Whoa... That's FAR OUT!" (MG) "Yeah... And there's a bunch of balls falling down on the pyramid... Now one of them's turning into a purple snake! He's chasing the orange guy around!" (Blonde dude, with no t-shirt) "DUUUUDE! Heavy, Man!" (CW, in appropriate halter-top and bandana) "You were faking that little hallucination of yours, weren't you..." (MG) "And what makes you think I was faking it?" (CW) "Matt... I know a description of the 'Q-bert' video game when I hear it!" (MG) "And that proves my point! Of all the video games that were around in the early 80's, half of them could easily pass as head trips!"

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