Words With Friends In High Places

Words With Friends In High Places

Voljack (VOLE-jak) n. An electrical outlet.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - CW, playing Words With Friends on her iPhone) "Ugh... If only 'VOLJACK' was a real word, I'd finally be able to beat this guy... (thinking) Hmmm... (dashes off quickly, and a quick FZZZZT and FZZZZT off-screen as she returns – in Victorian costume – and grabs her iPhone) [VOLJACK (90 PTS) You Won! You beat blkknight1] YESSS!" (BG) "That's a pretty long way to go to cheat on a game!" (CW) "It's not really cheating if you officially make it a part of the English language!"

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