Meet The Wellses - Part 6

Part 6

Out of the frying pan... and into the fire.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (PatW) "So what are the details?" (Dad) "A few days ago Carla fell down and thought she'd broken her hip. When we took the X-rays, her hip was fine, but they noticed an unusual growth nearby." (Mom) "Fearing the worst, the doctor did a biopsy... and I found out just yesterday that it was ovarian cancer. I then did a complete cancer screening, and they didn't find any signs of spreading, so hopefully we caught it early." (Dad) "She goes in for a hysterectomy on Monday, and she'll get on chemotherapy after that." (CW, hugging her mom) "Oh mother... How terrible.." (Mom) "Don't worry about me, we got a pretty good chance of beating this. Just hope and pray for the best." (Dad) "We managed to survive that real stressful incident with Allen, we can get through this too!" (PW) "Wasn't that the same Allen that you were just dat..." (CW, interrupting him too late) "SSHHHH!" (Mom) "WHAT?..." [This even catches Dad off guard]

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