Be Somebody - Part 11

Part 11

This would be only the second time the TLT version of the neuralyzer has been used.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [2043; Our heroes are in the back of the police "vehicle" as the PO tells the driver of the police SUV about his "quarry"] (PO, as he shuts the door on MG, CW and BG) "These three 'Bots need to go back to the Walnut Hill location of Borrabody, and the operators of Mimi, Erica and Gino need to be apprehended on charges of lewd conduct!" (Driver, who is wearing sunglasses) "Okay, I'll alert the staff. [pulls out a bar-shaped item from the front seat] Oh, could you do me a favor? I think my taser is on the fritz, can you look at it real quick?" (PO – who we see has a Texas state flag on his right arm) "Sure! [looks at the "taser" as the Driver holds it up – wait, what are all those numbers on the back?] Hmmm... I've never seen THIS brand befo--" FZZAP! [MG as Erica looks through the glass and realizes she's seen that "taser" before] Wh-what happened?" (Driver, who MG sees is holding the brake pedal of the SUV with a very-familiar "extender" foot) "You passed out from the heat, son. You need to rest for a few minutes! [thumbing back towards the "bots"] Now, I gotta go take these accident victims to the rail station. Drink some cold water and take it easy, okay?" (PO, who's a bit confused after his little neuralyzer-ing) "Um... Okay." (Driver, to his "charges" as they drive under the superstack in downtown Dallas) "Alright, guys, if I drop y'all off a few miles away, could y'all PLEASE stop with the Battle of the Sexes?" (BG, CW and MG, as one) "Yes, Agent Scott!"

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