The Oddly Coincidental Couple

The Oddly Coincidental Couple

I figured some of y'all were going "what happened to the mouse... er, roommate?" So, Allen's now moving in with another of Cassie's former acquaintances, Chad. I might make something more of this in the future.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (MG, with BG laying on his lap – ala Cassie & Philip) "So... How do you like Casa Gahan so far?" (BG) "Eh. It could use a few changes..." (MG) "Okay, let's not get too crazy with that!" (BG) "I still can't help but feel bad for Allen. Just getting back on his feet, and we kicked him out!" (MG) "Don't worry about him... He told me he found a new guy to share an apartment with... [Voiceover of a scene of Allen with his new roommate... CHAD!] ...And from what I heard they have a lot in common!" (Chad, seated on a futon, playing a video game with AJ) "You think I still have a chance with Cassie?" (AJ, not missing a beat) "I wouldn't really recommend it, Chad... She's been down with some weird Secret Service shit lately!"

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