The Last Go-Round - Part 1

Part 1

Our next storyline begins with some possible trouble in paradise.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (PW, seated on the couch next to CW, who is looking at her tablet at the latest celeb news) "Wow... ANOTHER celebrity divorce." (CW) "There's been a lot of that shit lately!" (PW) "Let's promise each other right now... We stay upfront and honest about our feelings as long as we're together." (CW) "I'm cool with that! And if one of us is unhappy in this relationship, we say so right away, get it out in the open, and not pretend everything's okay while fucking around behind the other's back. Promise?" (PW) "PROMISE! [pause] Let's also agree not to use the time machine to take advantage of each other. For instance, to cover up an affair or mislead our past or future selves!" (CW, who is now a bit skeptical of PW) "Any reason you'd bring THAT up?" (PW, who just realized he inserted his foot in his mouth) "Um... Nothing I would EVER do myself!"

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