Moment Of Truth - Part 3

Part 3

Oh, did I mention that TLT is five years old today? :)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [World 2 – and things just got real] (NCDFW) Something else? What something else? (P78TX) Well, we've known each other off and on for 4 years, we love each other immensely, and I've enjoyed every moment we've had together. [CW is a bit concerned at this development] (NCDFW) Wait a minute. NO! This is all wrong! (P78TX) What's the matter, Cass? (NCDFW) If this is what I THINK it is, we should be talking about this face to face IN PERSON!!!! (P78TX) Then open your front door. ;) [CW gives her screen a blank look; we see her open her front door, and… PW is there, laptop in hand, his pickup parked in front of CW's Miata – and he's holding a RING in the other hand, on one knee!]

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