The Time Traveler's Husband - Part 4

Part 4

I never really was a fan of that "speak now etc." line anyway.

Included in this comic, besides the Rule of Three and Alone In a Crowd folks, are Agent Scott's wife Carmen, Rodney, Joan, and Nelson and his daughter from the late, lamented Tiki Coladas. Also, the pastor's name is Marcus Orville (in case you were wondering, Houk).

Comic transcript

[The Wedding] (Pastor Marcus Orville) "My dear friends, we are here today to witness the sacred and timeless event of two souls uniting in holy matrimony. 'That the two shall become one, and let no one ever put asunder.' Timeless words from the greatest teacher ever. [A view of the guests: Hazel, Carmen, Rodney, Joan] We've heard all kinds of advice on how to keep a marriage strong, and no matter what I could say up here, you've probably heard it before. So I'll just say what I think the greatest value in a lasting marriage should be… which is perseverance. [Stone, Michelle, Ivy, some random guy] What about love? Well, it's right up there, too! Saint Paul himself says 'Love always perseveres.' There may be times when you feel love may be lost. But if you persevere even through the rough times, you just might get that love back, maybe stronger than ever. [Faith, Desirae, Hope, and – surprise! Nelson from Tiki Coladas, with his daughter on his lap] That is why I feel, when it comes to marriage values, perseverance is just as important as love. After all, it's right there in the vows, as you all will hear soon. [Looking over the preacher's shoulder] Normally I would now make that statement about if anyone objects to this marriage, but these two have assured me that the wedding would have been scrapped long ago if there were any protests, so we'll skip that." [PW looks with a grin at CW, who winks back]

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