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She Knows The Score

Thomas Overbeck

I just remembered that "Pulp Fiction" made its premiere 20 years ago this month. So yes, that's what this strip is referencing.... the "You! Flock Of Seagulls!" line.

And that little "Iran" pun is something I actually used a year BEFORE "Pulp Fiction" came out, in a church youth group newsletter that I was in charge of.

Mon, Oct 20, 2014

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And if Cass was also a Statler Brothers fan, she may have revived interest in two bands with one film. :)

Mon, Oct 20, 2014


Honestly my first thought went to The Wedding Singer, where Robbie (Adam Sandler) is about to get on the plane and the ticket agent (who had the Flock of Seagulls hair do) asked him if he liked the band. Robbie replies quickly, "I can see you do!" and takes off. :D

Mon, Oct 20, 2014


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