And Then There's Cassie

Comic transcript

[MG's couch & TV] (CW) "Nothing good on TV tonight?" (MG) "Naah. I figured I'll just watch some old sitcoms." (CW) "Oh cool. Is this 'Maude'?" (MG) "Yeah, I always liked this show. She was a take-no-bullshit kinda lady!" (CW) "And I bet you anything she'd have voted for Hillary." [Theme song change!] (Maude theme song) "Cassie Wells gave the Puritans hell, and disappeared before they burned that witch up (Wohh yeah...) " (MG) "Huh? That's not..." (Song) "And when the country was falling apart, Betsy Ross had it all stitched up!" (MG) "Care to explain yourself, witch?" (CW) "It was a trip to Salem gone horribly wrong. But I didn't think I'd be THAT legendary!" (Song) "And then there's Mauuude..."

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