This Means Gridiron War - Part 1

Part 1

I've got two different setups for Part 3 of this little story arc... and it all depends on who wins Saturday's game... will it be the Longhorns or the Sooners?

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (Rodney Ostermayer, and his first appearance as the Annoying UT grad, getting excited for the 2008 UT/OU game) "Alright. The Big Texas- Oklahoma game is THIS weekend! It's gonna KICK ASS! Who's with me? (the rest of the break room clears out, except CW...) Way to be enthusiastic people. Geez..." (CW) "Not everyone's a football nut here, Rodney." (RO) "Yeah I know. Still... it's like I'm working with a lot of Aggies at TerCon!" (CW) "Nah. Aggies SUCK, and nobody around here really sucks!" (RO) "Well, I'm glad to know you're on my side here! Hook 'em Horns!!! Right, Cassie? [pause] Cassie?" (CW, embarrassed smile FTW) "Um... Boomer Sooner?"

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