Oh Beth, What Can I Do

Oh Beth, What Can I Do

It just wouldn't be a trip to 1977 without the gang from the webcomic 1977!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, getting the machine back from BG): "So, did you do anything special with the time machine over the weekend? (BG) "Well, I wanted to try some weed… so I went back to when the drug laws weren't so severe." (CW) "REALLY?" (BG) "Yeah, I really wanted the whole Seventies pot experience… You know, like… Laying in the back seat of a muscle car all stoned while listening to an 8-track tape of Yes." (CW, somewhat ironically) "Far out. So did you do it?" (BG) "Yep. And the best part is, I didn't have to spend any money to get the buds!" (CW) "Ah… A little 'Ass for Grass' trade-off, huh." (BG) "HAHAHA… Nope. Didn't have to do that either! I had a better thing to barter with…" [1977 – the webcomic!] (BG) "And in return… Here's my picture of Kiss' Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley WITHOUT makeup!" [Photo, of course, is from Lick It Up – six years later] (Bud Chambers) "WHOA!" (Jeff Bergstrom) "DUDE… UNREAL!" (Robyn McKenna) "SEE? I told you Paul's hotter without the clown face!" ("Troubles", aka Lorraine della Fazia) "Well, I don't care HOW Gene looks. As long as he still works that tongue!"

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