Be Somebody - Part 10

Part 10

I did give a lot of thought as to how a police officer would look in the 2040's... not too different from today, except his badge would also function as a communicator (a la Star Trek), he'd have an "augmented reality" monocle that linked with his gun and showed him where he was aiming, and Polo-style uniform shirts with built-in Kevlar. (Also, it IS a possibility that British slang would creep into American slang by the 2040's.)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [2043; the playground – and this whole robot thing – suddenly stopped being fun] (Police Officer, complete with optical targeting device and... a "polo" shirt?) "Well, it looks like we have a couple of future registered sex offenders in our midst!" (BG/Gino, who's still trying to get "his" electro-priapism under control) "This is not what it looks like, officer, believe me!" (PO) "Oh, I'm sorry... So what IS it then, when a man has his wanker out and fondling it in front of a minor?! SHUT UP and let's see some ID!" (CW/Mimi) "We... don't have any, we're..." (PO, reaching out and making the obvious discovery) "Robots? Even better! That means I can impound them... and YOU, at mission control, will have to PAY for them! And don't think you can just run away. I've got a short-range EMP bomb that'll turn these things into BOAT ANCHORS!" (MG/Erica, aside to "Mimi") "Can Nicki use her Time Machine to get us out of this mess?" (CW/Mimi) "She might get destroyed as well, I can't risk that!" (MG/Erica, who's noticed the obvious) "Well, think of something, because we've just arrived at the 'bad to worse' point!" (PO, as a future "cop car" comes pulling up) "Oh good! Your ride's here!"

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