The Last Go-Round - Part 3

Part 3

Don't you wish YOU had a time machine to fast-forward through a spat fallout?

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Exterior of Cassie's home, at night; all is not well in Cassie-land] (PW, voiceover, as it is apparent he's losing a fight with CW) "Look, I'm sorry! Can you stop being so FUCKING IRRATIONAL?!" (CW) "Just GET OUT and GO HOME, Philip!!!" (PW, to himself, outside after the front door goes SLAM behind him) Ugh... Dammit, Philip, you just HAD to open your big mouth! [looks back at the house as he crosses the street] I've NEVER seen her THAT pissed off before. I've got a bad feeling that this relationship is over. NOW what do I... (CW, appearing from nowhere – in a different outfit AND with the time machine) "I'm sorry, sweetie." [plants a big kiss on the surprised PW] (PW) "I... I don't get..." (CW) "Trust me, this is one of the reasons why you'll be glad I have a time machine."

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