The Last Go-Round - Part 5

Part 5

And now the fun part begins... trying to find either a celebrity who doesn't mind me saying Philip had a fling with her in the past, or a woman in history that wasn't bound by the strict moral codes of her era.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (PW, who still isn't sure about this) "I… don't know if I want to do this…" (FCW) "Philip... I want you to. I feel guilty that I got to fuck through history with my time machine… and you didn't. Just have a simple meaningless fling with some famous chick. Maybe a swimsuit model you lusted after when you were twelve, or a rock starlet from your high school years. Only stipulation: she must have gotten famous before you went to college." (PW) "Are you sure you want this to happen?" (FCW) "Positive! I trust you wit this, and I honestly don't mind at all. As long as she was popular in some way. [ND appears] I'll leave Nicki in your care. She'll have the info on your options, AND she's got a time machine to take you there! Once you're done, we're back together and we find out where this relationship takes us." (PW) "Well, okay… If you strongly insist." (FCW) "Cool. Good luck! See you in a week! I love you!" [PW turns to ND – who does the "eyes on you" signal to him. This might not be as easy as he thinks...]

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