The Last Go-Round - Part 7

Part 7

I did a lot of brainstorming over who would get to get it on with Philip. And after reading about the wild backstage antics of the Go-Go's, I decided, what the hell, let those ladies loose on him. Belinda Carlisle herself admitted to getting high and screwing around back in the band's early days, so there ya go.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [The Hotel Room; PW and ND are still discussing his "plan of action"] (PW, handing a note to ND) "How about… this?" (ND) "That's doable. We'll have to go back to 1967, before the airport metal detectors, so I can some with you." [1967; a Pacific Airlines jet heading for point unknown] (ND, voiceover from the plane) "The best time to make your move would be early 1981, before the onset of worldwide fame." [1981; "backstage" at an unknown concert venue; ND is dressed up in period attire, as is PW] (Blonde "groupie" guy) "Who are you hopin' to score with?" (PW, who's not sure how to answer that) "I… don't really care." (BGG) "I want the drummer myself!" (Short haired brunette; she looks a bit familiar – doesn't she play guitar for some group? Jane something-or-other?) "Alriiight… You, you… and oh yes, YOU, the rugged redhead there!" (ND) "Good luck!" [2012; CW has been debriefed on PW's "fling"] (CW) "The GO-GO'S? Well, I'm impressed! Hey wait a minute… I said you could fuck only ONE girl!" (PW) "I only laid ONE of them, thank you!" (ND) "And I can verify that!" (CW) "Uh-hh… So, which one?" (PW, who's probably been dying to say this line) "MY lips are sealed." (ND, who doesn't fall for the joke) "Belinda."

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