The Last Go-Round - Part 8

Part 8

Yes, in case you were wondering who was the last celebrity that Cassie hooked up with... the Motor City Madman himself.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [PW and CW are in the "afterglow" of their postmakeup sexyfuntimes] (PW, who is nekkie) "Wow... DAMN, girl, you done wore me out!" (CW, atop him and also nekkie) "You doubting my trust anymore?" (PW) "Not at ALL! So, I'm curious – Who was YOUR last famous fling? I promise I won't get mad!" (CW) "Well, it happened just before Animefest. And I wanted to go out with a BANG... so to speak..." [1980; CW is in a pink tube top – and backstage at a certain rocker's show] (CW) "Hey TED! You wanna wang-dang THIS sweet poontang?" (Ted Nugent, sweating profusely after one of his sets) "HELL YEAH!"

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