Matt Takes The Gold Medal For Men's Backpedaling

Matt Takes The Gold Medal For Men's Backpedaling

Just thought I'd throw in an Olympic gag before the London games ended.

(Philip's T-shirt is in memory of Steve Carlesi, longtime Opie & Anthony Show producer. Rest in peace, Martini Steve.)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Athens (NOT the one in Georgia); CW, PW, MG and BG are all inside the Olympic Stadium, presumably from the 2004 games] (PW) "Well, here's where it all began. How about we go back to 1896 and watch the very first modern Olympic games?" (MG) "I'd love to go back and witness the ancient Greek Olympic games. Hell, I'd love to compete in them!"(CW) "So. You're willing to compete totally naked, with other naked male athletes, while being watched by a stadium full of only men?" (MG, grimacing – while BG is trying hard not to laugh) "Well, since you put it that way…"

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