Moment Of Truth - Part 6

Part 6

This was something of an afterthought.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW is looking at her engagement ring) "Uh, wait a second, guys… Why is my engagement ring starting to tighten on me?" (KS suddenly realizes something): Oh shit, we must've negated the ring size conversation!" (PW, closing his eyes and holding his head): "OW… My head hurts…" (KS) "Quick! Cassie, I need your ring size!" (CW, even as the ring starts to cut off circulation) "FIVE!" (KS, quickly tapping on his iPhone) "Okay… I'm gonna set my email to send a message to myself in an hour. My past self should still get it… and… DONE!" [Ring goes from being WAY too small to just right!] (CW) "That was close!" (PW) "That was weird…" (KS) "Yeah, just one of those weird time travel issues!'

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