A Means To An End - Part 3

Part 3

The fact that this storyline overlaps Mother's Day is purely coincidental... but it's a happy coincidence, anyway.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (Dad, who's somewhat surprised to see CW showing up in Tyler – and doesn't even say anything about that "pendant" she's wearing) "I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden she had a change of heart." (CW) "Mom's willing to stick around. That's all that matters right now. [passing the family photo in the background as she goes to Mom's bedroom] There's a doctor in New Mexico that's had some success with a special combination of therapies. It's a month-long deal, but she'll be back in time for the wedding." (Dad, who's not sure about this, but is willing at this point to try anything) "Well, if that's what it takes…" (Mom, who's being helped into a wheelchair by CW) "Careful, dear… I feel like I could fall apart any second." (CW) "Don't worry, we're gonna take good care of you. [talking to Mom as she's seated] I've got a plan that'll have you feeling better in no time… and at the same time not arouse suspicion from anyone. First we'll get you some lifesaving medicine, then we'll take a little trip." (Mom, who's wondering about this as CW is wheeling her out of the house) "A… trip?" (CW) "Just think of it as a… spiritual healing retreat." (Dad) "Good luck, hon!" (Mom, who's somewhat surprised to see the "new driver" for her Care Courier Medical Transport) "Um… You're not my usual caretaker." (KS, who looks spiffy in white scrubs) "We gave her the day off."

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